I am sorry to say that Commhubb has now officially shut down. Google Adsense is directly responsible so if you want to vent and scream at someone then scream at them. They considered Commhubb traffic of “low quality” which means that you were not spending money so not worth the ads they sell. If you want to start a class action lawsuit against Google then I am all for that.
Another issue was the LARGE amount of cheaters that gravitated to our website. They cheat – get caught – scream and cry – and then create lies all over the internet. Why? Because they cheated and got caught! They then tell everyone we don’t pay out. Yes – they really do that. Many, many times! Some even try to blackmail you.
And yes – I tried everything else out there including some of your suggestions on alternatives for Adsense. NONE ARE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE. We would make 1/10th what we made with Adsense and we would not survive more than another few days. There is NOTHING out there even close so save your time trying to look.
We paid out commissions until the last moment as a lot of you know. You even received them over the last week. There is now officially nothing left. Also no buyers for banner ads either. I am out over $20,000 and one year of my time. I tried to help people and I received my “thank you” from corporate America and cheaters all over the world. This world has turned into a very ugly place. At least I can say I tried to fix it!

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